The Face

I am the face
on the torn
movie poster
I am the face
of the moment
look at me
without blinking
and find
explained and

I am the famous
flat, paper
copy of a flesh
and blood
I am also you,
you and you
and maybe
also me.
I am the
eyes on
the road
misses me
nothing I
seek, hide
or remember
or remember
to seek
and hide.
I am the face
that can’t
look back
or stick out
its tongue
and enjoy
the sounds
and smells
of the moving

I am the face
on the torn
movie poster
next time
when you
come to my
street know
that I am not
just a face
on the torn
movie poster
but I am,
oh yes, I am
the eyes
of the wall
as well.


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  2. Very moving. I really like the imagery and depth in your work.

    Keep writing.


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