In this video I try to answer some questions about my 'MANGO ART'—what inspired me, why I chose the colours that I did and who are the artists that I admire most...
WHERE I TALK about the idea of doing a MANGO ART show and the challenges that came with it
AS A CHILD GROWING up in Lucknow I was lucky to have been exposed to the whole cycle and drama of the mango season. How a hail storm in March had the power of devastating the soft mango flower. I remember my father teaching me how to identify different types of mangoes by their shape, colour, smell and size. However, my best memories are of sitting under mango trees in Malihabad and eating the awesome 'Dasheris' that had been steeped in buckets of cold water. It was this year when I began to think of my own childhood as a way of coping with the news that was full of horrific crimes against children. And I began to see the mango as a fruit that brings so much joy and happiness to everyone in the Indian subcontinent. It is a tender, seasonal fruit that is ironically ripened in the sweltering heat of the plains. It was then and there that a decision was made about doing a 'mango show' that would like the mango bring joy and happiness to those who viewed the works. 

I hope you all enjoy my small tribute to the fruit that makes the Indian summer sweet and fragrant. 

—Dhiraj Singh

MAY 13 THIS YEAR MARKED 'DEEWANE AAM', a special show that celebrated the onset of the mango season. Curated by arts journalist & newscaster Sahar Zaman, the show sought to create a happy and festive 'mango mood'. That's why instead of an art gallery the show opened at Lavaash By Saby, a restaurant that serves cool Armenian-Bengali food. My unique painted mangoes, made of fibreglass, provided the art part for the evening while singer Rashmi Agarwal's old folk songs dedicated to the mango set the mood for a superb evening. And the team of 'Lavaash by Saby' prepared snacks, desserts and cocktails made from mango


My abstract works for my upcoming art & food show titled 'DEEWANE AAM'
Me talking about my 'Mango Paintings' with Hunar TV



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