I found this while driving on a road that runs parallel to the Noida Expressway. It's a brick kiln chimney left untouched on the divider. It seems as if the road builders had a sense of history or irony or humour or all of them together when they decided to leave this thing untouched right in the middle of the road. Maybe it was meant to be a reminder to the commuters of this expanding metropolis that all of man's building ambitions from Indus Valley to the present BHK Boom have had their beginnings in the humble brick baker.

Dhiraj Singh © 2014

My relationship with my hair has always been strained. I started greying in school. By the time I was in college I began to colour my hair with henna that resulted in a rich auburn tinge. Sometimes I even used black or dark brown hair dye. Then in my early twenties I had an aesthetic revelation. And I stopped using colour in my hair. Looking back I think it was an attempt to recognize and appreciate the real me, as I was evolving somewhat precociously through a spectrum of greys. Now I am in my early forties and have gone more or less silver. Recently while I was sitting in my studio I thought I'd 'colorize' my hair again and sort of relive a growing-up strangeness. And so I gave myself a hair colour not normally associated with human hair.
Dhiraj Singh © 2014 
This phrase turned inside my head yesterday and the more I thought about it the more profoundly I felt its truth. The picture is from Buddha Park in Ravangla in Sikkim where I'd recently gone for a shoot

Dhiraj Singh © 2014 

Dhiraj Singh © 2014
My work 'Black Tide' is part of this show, which opened on June 5 and will be on till end of September

This wonderful promo--made by Sakthi Doss and conceptualised by Aakash Arun and features the anchor that is me--is a tribute to India and her colourful fairs



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