© Dhiraj Singh 2013 

It was a wonderful moment when I presented my work (Gymea) and catalogue to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha (India's Lower House of Parliament) Mrs. Meira Kumar. Despite her official engagements she takes time out for art and artists. She herself is a wonderful poet who has been widely published and has in the past painted portraits. She was also the Chief Guest at our 'Racism and Reconciliation' show in 2011

All pics: © Dhiraj Singh 2013

The Mysore Dasara is one the most spectacular Vijayadashmi celebrations of India because it involves the past and present in many unique ways. A tradition started in the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore by its Wodeyar rulers the Mysore Dasara procession is a celebration of the state's might that is skillfully combined with the return of Rama, an avatar of Vishnu, to his kingdom after defeating his enemy Ravana. I was there in 2013 to shoot an episode of my FAIRS OF INDIA series... am sharing some of my pictures from that time
Clockwise from Left: Earth, Fire, Water, Sky
© Dhiraj Singh 2013
'Coalition Of Selves' © Dhiraj Singh 2013

I found these in a British mag… paintings of AK47 guns, created for Peace Day-2012 in the UK. Curated by artist Jake Chapman and featuring artists Damien Hirst, Nancy Fouts, Solange Azagury Partridge, Mat Collishaw, Jeremy Deller, Ryan Gander, Douglas Gordon, Antony Gormley and Gary Hume among others, the brief was re-interpret  one of the most internationally recognised weapons of war. Their commission was to 'recast a weapon of devastation as a conduit to peace'. 23 decommissioned Kalashnikovs were used for this wonderful show!

© Dhiraj Singh 2013

Wire-mesh animals at Nizamuddin Bridge that connects Central Delhi to East Delhi. These pictures of a camel and a kangaroo I took while driving over the bridge on a pleasant, sunny evening. They caught my eye because they looked like grid-sketches against the setting sun. These animals will over time get covered in green leaves and then they will look like Mother Earth's special children frozen in the act of parturition.
© Dhiraj Singh 2013
A tree at the dargah of Matka Pir (literally: the Pot Saint) near Purana Qila in New Delhi.
© Dhiraj Singh 2013
© Dhiraj Singh 2013

© Dhiraj Singh 2013

5 March 2013, New Delhi, Tania Ameer Khan

Journalist-turned-artist Dhiraj Singh shares with MILLENNIUM POST the uniquely innovative concept of X-ray Art

So what’s X-ray art?

My X-ray works are the result of my own personal mysticism which is a journey fuelled by my often disjunctive curiosity. So while the X-ray in its everyday, medical sense is a revealer of our physical inner self through my work it becomes something more than its mere function. In a sense it becomes a mystical viewfinder that creates its own drama with the play of light, shadows and perspectives.

Do you use mixed media in your work as well? How is it done?

Yes I have and they work in tandem with the X-rays by enveloping or containing them in order to give them another, totally different context. For example in my work titled Greening of Icarus I have created a pair of wings from an arched window panel that I found in an old furniture shop. The wings whose panes have different X-rays are covered in synthetic grass and together they stand for the Greek hero Icarus who was the first man to fly.

What subjects interest you?

Anything that is below the belt or taboo (laughs) or constitutes a conceptual iceberg in the sense that it is more hidden than it is visible. But on a serious note you must understand that my medium is also not without its risks as it involves exposure to X-ray radiation so a lot of my actual work happens inside the head and only when I am absolutely certain of the result I go for the actual making of the work. But my themes are usually dark and mystical, or things that need to be seen in their skeletal form in order to be understood completely.

What intrigued you about X-ray art and since when have you been painting?
As an artist I am drawn most to the mysteries of the mind, especially the mind in its incapacitated state or what we colloquially call being ‘mental’… it’s like picking up the exception to prove the rule. Since I grew up very close to a mental institution because my mother was working there, my radar picked up these psychic signals from these very broken people or people who had an extremely distorted vision of reality.

Why did you switch from journalism to art?

There wasn’t really a switch, I just started telling my stories in a different medium, using a different skill set. Much of work is informed by my reading, by what I see happening around me and from generally being alive to my surroundings. In fact that’s what makes my work quite unique, if I may say so myself (smiles).

What are the new works you are concentrating on?

My last solo show was called Inner Eye and it was held at a gallery which is inside Amber Fort in Jaipur. This show allowed me to sort of discover a new dimension to my practice. How it can carry our extremely rich architectural heritage with what we today refer to as contemporary art. For this show I made a work called Trapped in Air where I morphed the traditional jaali work that is usually made of stone into plastic and I inserted my X-rays as a comment on the hidden-ness of space in context. The traditional jaali though beautiful was also used to segregate women from the public eye and so it also became a method of control both physical and mental. I use three different plastic jaalis oddly suspended in air with the help of nylon strings thereby freeing them from their usual connotation of separation and control.

Photo-collage © Dhiraj Singh 2013



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