Dhiraj Singh, who has made a successful shift from journalism to art, worked with X-rays for his installation Black Tide. “I think Black Tide is the best name I could think of for my work. It’s got X-rays of skulls captured on acrylic sheets cut out in the shape of surfboards. I look at it like Time, or as we say in Hindi kaala, which means both time and the colour black, dissolving away scars from the sands of human memory. The surfboards in this work act as totemic portals representing Dreaming, the Aboriginal idea used to describe the beginningless-endless journey of things and beings.”

Dhiraj Singh's 'The Black Tide' is a piece made up of X-rays of skulls on a sheet in the shape of a surf board. The work plays with the tourism industry image of Australia--beaches justaposed with the symbol of death. This evocation of a black tide of racial assaults condemns racism undauntedly.
--Art Slant

Dhiraj looks at the issue with his Black Tide... taking from the 'Time and Tide...' saying... where Time or as we say in Hindi 'kaal', which means both time and black, dissolves away the scars from human memory. The surf boards in this work act as totemic portals representing the Dreaming, the Aboriginal idea used to describe the journey, without beginning or end, of things and beings.
--Indian Link



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