acrylic on paper
65 cm X 65 cm

“It was shortly after that (26/11-Mumbai) on December 19, a motley group of artists met at Aakriti Art Gallery in Kolkata to discuss a new movement, a movement which would bring the artist community together and voice its protest against mindless terrorism. And thus was born the Art Against Terrorism concept which has now crystallized into a huge exhibition of paintings, sculpture and woodwork across eight top galleries of the city which will be held simultaneously beginning March 23 with the first show kicking off (at Aakriti) and ending April 9.”
--India Today

If you happen to be in Kolkata you can go and see this show...
it has my work.

acrylic, soft pastel, band-aid, film roll, printed paper, glue, marker pen on paper
65 cm X 65 cm

acrylic, paper, glue, marker pen on paper
65 cm X 65 cm
(Pic by Sahar Z)

Or in the words of Allen Ginsberg...
"The world is holi! The soul is holi! The skin is holi!"

66 cm X 96 cm
acrylic on canvas
Lux Mundi is literally, the Light of the World, and is one of the many honorifics of Christ. In this work 'light' becomes a metaphor for all that is well-meaning, good and beautiful in the world today. But where on the one hand this virtue stands out amid all that is bad, mean and ugly, it also has to pay the price of being so... by having to bleed like the original Lux Mundi.

96 cm X 56 cm
acrylic on canvas
Taking the story on from the Easter legend of Christ's resurrection, this one tries to explore the phenomenonology behind it... What it means to restart an engine that has evidently packed up... what it means to conjure life back into a body that has begun its return to the elements. This one's a sort of spectroscopy of resurrection. That's why there is an excess of 'happy' colours and 'solar' colours as much of our life on Earth revolves around the sun (pun unavoidable!) starting with our quotidian functions that get started at day break to the grand greening of the planet through photosynthesis.

This gorgeous creature I found hanging on to my window mesh in Shivpuri one morning. At first I thought it was a kite (it was that big), then thought maybe someone's pulling a fast one on me... with a rubber toy. So I reached out to yank it off the window and it beat its wings a wee bit. And I realised, I was being paid a visit by some kind of a giant. Immediately I brought out my mobile and captured it in it. Later on when I showed the picture to some nature watchers, I was told that this creature's called an Atlas Moth and it is the largest of its species.



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