99 cm X 56 cm
acrylic on canvas

According to Carl Sagan 'pareidolia' was a survival technique that human beings used to detect anthropomorphic life-forms wherever and whenever they felt threatened or alone. He believed that they were in fact hard-wired to join random and unlikely dots to see faces, limbs etc. An exaggerated or distorted likeness of themselves! In times of trouble and despair these imagined beings became gods or protective deities. And in good times they became wrathful deities who needed regular appeasement.

180 cm X 77 cm
acrylic on canvas

(detail of) 180 cm X 95 cm
acrylic on canvas
The cosmos of cause and effect continues to expand and unfold...

91 cm X 73.5 cm
acrylic on canvas

91.5 cm X 91.5 cm
acrylic on canvas
In his book, The Songlines, novelist and travel writer Bruce Chatwin describes the songlines as, "...the labyrinth of invisible pathways which meander all over Australia and are known to Europeans as 'Dreaming-tracks' or 'Songlines'; to the Aboriginals as the 'Footprints of the Ancestors' or the 'Way of the Law'."

(detail of) 180 cm X 80 cm
acrylic on canvas

86 cm X 106 cm
acrylic on canvas

Here the viscera is neatly re-arranged to create something memorable and yet not disturb peristalsis and other body functions.

86 cm X 76 cm
acrylic on canvas
On the outer edge of our Universe is a Great White that prowls its dark waters looking for the stray planet or planetoid that's spinning out of its orbit around the Sun. Like the Great Bear the Great White is also a constellation, a formation of stars that the people of the planet from where it is visible have so named even though their planet has no sharks, no seas, no water. They have named it from memory, a flash that they have of their Earth days when they hunted sharks from a small Alaskan archipelago that was wiped off the face of the Earth in a tsunami.
This is the story of souls that spend lifetimes on each planet, dying on one and being born again on another, progressing out, away from the Sun until they slip into the dark waters and are born in another universe, another planet, as another order of beings.

acrylic/charcoal on A4 paper
There, swimming in the Atlantic is a giant finless fish that eats other smaller fish. It's a one of a kind mutant fish that has no mate, no friends, no family.
What is the name of this fish?

Here's a clue

114 cm X 70 cm
acrylic on canvas

"And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."
--Daniel 12:2-3



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