70 cm X 70 cm
acrylic on canvas

92.5 cm X 82.5 cm
acrylic on canvas

This one's about 'space perception'. The picking up of an image from a host of inchoate images or 'ghost archetypes' in trying to understand that which stands out or is alien or new or so seeming because of a lack of proximity, or distance. It also tries to understand space as an everchanging entity. Whether it is an illusion of the senses where by reducing distance from and increasing proximity to (or vice-versa) things we're constantly updating what we know or don't know.

100 cm X 90 cm
acrylic on canvas

105 cm X 70 cm
acrylic on canvas
Sometimes in the stillness of the night I turn into a unicorn.

acrylic on board
(50 in X 7.5 in)

Then the String snakes its way through the clouds. Like the glorious Quetzalcoatl, the first principle of the New Worldians. This is how the human-sacrificing Americans saw their creator. Like a giant string with wings.

70 cm X 80 cm
(acrylic/charcoal on canvas)

Inside a museum
lies a glass-box
in it is a crown
from which come out
flashes of colour
red, green, gold and white.

acrylic on board
(50 in X 7.5 in)
As the story of the String unfolds many new smaller strings are created, rather transcreated from that one original String. These new strings make noise, like a guitar in the hands of a new learner. And in that silver noise of newness the strings fight to exist.

80 cm X 90 cm

The Unconquerable Sun... because everything and its cousin cluster around it in eternal orbits, like slaves driven by an absence of choice.

100 cm X 80 cm
acrylic on canvas



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