Some Meaning

What do you mean?

When you say that the sky is blue
and the sun's yellow
and the teapot holding
crimson tea leaves
and water, white.

What do you mean?

When you say I am OK
and everyone's basically good
And the dog that shits
daily on your morning papers,
an effing moron.

What do you mean?

When you say I am sorry
and that we all screw up
And that your distant dad
is hard to forgive.

What do you mean?

When you say I didn't mean it
and that sometimes
you just say silly things
and that you and I
should be clear
bout things in life.

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  1. What do u mean when u write such a long blog full of questions!!

  2. MEANINGLESS.......
    The azure blue sky and the bright yellow sun
    the reflectiong water and the teapot with leaves crimson
    All suggests the certainities of life, trite for some and for many, addiction
    You see, life is nothing but a bundle of contradictions......
    Thats what i mean...

    When i say i m ok and evrythin's basically good n fine
    I m dwelling in an unchartered territorry, the twilight zone of my mind
    Groping for my real self in the ocean of unpredictiblities, reflections and pretensions..
    So, now you know, humans are nothing but a bundle of contradictions....
    Thats what I mean.....

    When i say i am sorry and that we all screw up sumtimes,
    Or when i confess that i cant forgive my distant dad and cross that thinly demarcated line

    I give you a peep into my paradoxical world abounding with fears,vulnerabilities and commotion

    thats how it is....emotions are nothing but a bundle of contradictions.......
    Thats what i mean....

    When I say that I didnt mean it and sumtimes i just say silly things

    Or that you and i should be clear about things in life, sounding completely jinxed

    I mean what is actually the meaningless,irrrational,unfathomable like an inscrutable confusion would have known...that convictions are nothing but a bundle of contradictions....
    Thats what I mean.....

  3. Sometimes when you say the sky is blue, you really mean red.

    And sometimes you mean it's blue.

    And then some other times...
    you mean it to BE blue...

    But most often, grey, red, blue aren't meant to mean anything...
    or anything you can see...

    What if the only meaning of saying anything is to watch a current flow.

    To slide a drop of blue from one ocean to another... simply acknowledge a presence...two presences...and a third presence between them...




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